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I was born at an early age.  No, wait...lol.

Okay, seriously, beginning when I was old enough to walk, I was so introverted, it made me nervous to even go to the barber shop with my dad and he was my rock.  At age nine, the man whom I worshipped was taken from me in a single vehicle collision.  My dad was gone and I withdrew inside myself.  Because I was distant with everyone, I was bullied.  I vividly remember, when we would pick teams at recess, I was not only not selected for either team, I just went to the team with the last pick by default.  No one wanted me on their team.

At age 13 my mom remarried and we moved out of state, leaving my three friends behind. What little assemblance of stability was now gone.  

I quickly found myself seeking answers, escape.  I turned to alcohol and drugs and quickly found the police in my home.

Realizing that my dad would be so unhappy with me, I changed my self-destructive behavior.

As a police officer and SVU detective, I was fortunate to be able to make a difference and worked on some of the highest profile cases in the world that included negotiating with, and arresting, The Clairemont Killer, serial killer featured on America's Most Wanted, and I was the arresting officer of a Fugitive from Justice on Canada's Most Wanted.  These cases have been seen on New Detectives on The Discovery Channel, Unusual Suspects on Investigation Discovery, America's Most Wanted on FOX, and covered by The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, San Diego Union Tribune, Gadsden Times, and numerous other publications including Wikipedia.  I received two awards for Police Officer of the Year.
I was pleased with the way my police career transpired, but life sometimes rears its ugly head and hits us when we least expect it.  After my police career, I quickly found myself homeless, without a job, and without any means of transportation.
It's a long story to recovery, one of determination and persistence, I tell all in my program, but, walking on the sidewalk just outside Nashville, it was a very cold 1:30 am drizzly morning as I stopped in front of a used car lot, turned, and faced a car on the front line with tears running down my cheeks.  Right then I made a decision to change my circumstances.  That stop and that car sitting on the lot changed everything and, later that day, the road to success began.
How did I go from a retired, homeless police officer to being a standing-room-only nationally recognized speaker, with conventions sponsored by the OXYGEN Channel and New York's Red Seat Ventures, author, radio show host, and writer for Psychology Today magazine?  I worked my butt off, that's how!  I never completed my college degree having to leave with one semester remaining in my senior year, don't have any special training.  I applied myself to learn most of what I know on my own.  I am one of the very few writers for Psychology Today without a PhD...I never even finished my Bachelor's.
What is the mindset to the pinnacles of success?  What is the mindset to handling set-backs? How do you develop the mental toughness to keep going when most everyone else has quit?



Statistics show that three percent of the population are the top producers, top achievers, and
top success stories. Unfortunately, that leaves over SEVEN BILLION people across the world
looking for the answers to how to reach the pinnacles of success.  
I find that so very many people want to achieve, but, well, they just don't know how to make it
happen, become discouraged, and quit when they do not see results.  So many people try and
try and try, but without the proper mindset and mental tools, they quit.  That is unfortunate.
Looking at the stories of Colonel Harland Sanders who took his famous chicken recipe from
restaurant to restaurant to restaurant, getting no after no from restaurant owners.  After 1,008
rejections, a restaurant owner finally said "Yes!"  Most everyone would have quit after ten or twenty rejections, certainly most would have
tucked tail and gone back home after one hundred, yet Colonel Sanders continued.  He persisted.
Thomas Edison tried 10,000 times to develop the light bulb before he succeeded.
Oprah Winfrey was fired from a television station because they told her she was not fit for television.
Walt Disney was fired from a midwest newspaper and was told he had no new ideas and lacked imagination!
None of these people quit.  They kept going!  
What kind of mindset does it take to continue when others quit?


Coming from the real world, real experiences, real set-backs, and real accomplishments, Steven speaks from real life.

He hold the attention of the audience from beginning to end with his stories and practical applications of success principles.

Steven wants to make a positive difference in the lives of people from across the world and he's not out to make a fortune doing so.  You see, it really is not what you take from this world, but what you leave behind.

Steven can tailor a program to meet your needs in a time frame to meet your requirements.

So, how much is this going to set me back you ask?  

Not as much as you are probably thinking.  In fact, even with all of his real world experience, Steven can come to your corporation, conference, convention, college, university, or organization at a rate that will surprise you!

Contact us and let's check Steven's schedule for a date to come and talk with your team!



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